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Round 'rusted' magnetic wall sticker by Groovy Magnets
Round 'rusted' magnetic wall sticker by Groovy Magnets Round 'rusted' magnetic wall sticker by Groovy Magnets


Magnetic sticker ferro / Rough
dia 60cm

Have you ever seen a wall sticker that can hold up a plant and a magnetic shelf? This cool 'rusted' magnet sticker can do it! Place the self-adhesive sticker easily on any smooth surface. The magnetic-receptive frontside can hold up functional magnetic accessoires such as: magnetic lamp, wall planter, magnetic metal shelf and wooden shelf.

  • Washable, self-adhesive sticker
  • Including 4 powerful disc magnets + star magnet
  • Bonding ground for magnets
  • Suitable for walls, doors, cupboards,..
  • Premium quality
Prints Product information
  • Magnetic wall sticker ideal for hanging drawings, photos and fun messages with magnets.
  • Diameter: 60cm.
  • Thickness: 0,5mm.
  • Material: vinyl with iron particles.
  • Finish: adhesive base for magnets with green marble print.
  • One of the included disc magnets can hold 6 A4 sheets of 80gr.
Instructions & maintenance // download
€ 54,95 dia 60cm

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