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How to hang?

How to hang my magnetic wallpaper or sticker?

Download our instructions, print them and get started. In only 5 steps you will be able to hang your magnetic wallpaper. Need further guidelines or do you have any questions? Contact us.

What kind of wallpaper paste do I use for magnetic wallpaper?

In our web store we have this Perfax glue.
However, if you prefer to look for the perfect ready mixed glue somewhere else, we can advice following:

  • BE & NL
    Bison: Wand&Klaar Behanglijm Vinyl/Papier
  • DE
    Ovalit TM
  • GB
    Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive (Professional):
    is a ready to use, especially formulated for use with luxury vinyls (both paper and fabric backed).
  • VS
    Roman's Golden Harvest:
    Paste for unpasted wallpaper

More inspiration and ideas

If you're looking for a less permanent way to hang your wallpaper

  • Material: fibreboard or multiplex
  • tickness: 20mm
  • Attachment: 4 hooks to screw

  • Material: fibreboard or multiplex
  • tickness: 20mm
  • Attachment: none

  • Material: hollow tube and cord
  • Attachment: hook

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