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Whiteboard magnetic poster Outlet / mexican owl
for whiteboard markers

These copies are offered at outlet price because they have little aesthetic imperfections: they are not perfect, but certainly still value for money. It is not possible to return outlet purchases.

This poster is your newest all-in-one magnet-and whiteboard poster: put your notes on the poster with magnets and colour it with whiteboardmarkers. Go crazy!

  • Magnets and wooden suspension are included.
  • 62x90cm.
Product information
  • This poster is a nice alternative to the classic magnetboard and is a whiteboard. It's comprised of iron particles on a vinyl basis with a whitboard finish. Ideal to hang drawings with magnets and write your notes with qhiteboard markers. An eye-catcher in every interior.
  • Sizes 62x90cm
  • Material Premium Pro: 0,5mm thickness
  • This magnetic poster is 'ready to roll': the wooden suspension is included.
  • Wipe the poster with a cloth.

2 € 39,50 € 95,00 with frame

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