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magnetic tile / whiteboard (3 pieces)

These whiteboard (dry-erase) magnetic tiles are ideal for practicing your hand lettering or for writing a TO-DO list. You put up those whiteboard magnetic tiles within seconds. The secret? The stickers which comes with the tiles are magnetic. 
Including a black dry-erase marker to get started.


Product information
  • whiteboard magnetic tiles - dry erase
  • Amount: 3 pieces
  • Dimensions: 15x15cm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Color: white
  • Finish: high gloss
  • Inclusive 3x magnetic stickers who hold the tiles + a black dry-erase marker
  • Stick your magnetic stickers to your wall and ajust your tile.
  • Make sure you put up your sticker on a smooth surface.
    The stickers are easy to remove: use a hairdryer to warm up the sticker, and peel it off without leaving any marks.
  • To clean your tile: use a dry or humid sponge or cloth.

€ 24,95 15x15cm
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