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Magnetic wooden shelf
for post cards, photos,..

Create your own floating shelf by layering cherished photos and paper prints within the thin groove!

  • 2 sizes: width 30 or 45cm
  • solid oak
  • for post cards, photos,..
Product information

Forget about hammers, screws and nails: position the floating shelf with magnetic backside as you wish. The magnetic shelf likes to stick on an iron holding underground such as magnet wallpaper or a fridge.

  • Available in 2 sizes: 30x3x2cm (WxHxD) and 45x3x2cm (WxHxD)
  • Material: solid oak + powerful magnet foil.
  • Locally produced and processed in Belgium in collaboration with De Brug. De Brug is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide work for people with mental disabilities, mentally ill and epileptics in recovery.


  • Hold against an iron holding surface and the shelf will do the rest.. 

€ 19,95 width 30cm
€ 24,95 width 45cm

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