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Sample swatch
magnetic wallpaper samples

Do you want to feel the material in real life?
We offer a sample range of our different types of magnetic wallpaper and their associated properties, so that you can compare them and check whether they meet your expectations.
Including 2 disk magnets.

Product information

The sample swatch includes the following:

  • Chalkboard magnetic wallpaper classic - writable with regular chalk
  • Chalkboard magnetic wallpaper premium - writable with regular chalk
  • Whiteboard magnetic wallpaper - writable with dry-erase markers
  • White magnetic wallpaper - possibility to overpaint
  • Writable / industrial steel grey magnetic wallpaper  -  writable with liquid chalk markers / possibility to overpaint
  • 2 disk magnets
  • Installation manual and advice on wallpaper paste
  • Washable using a damp cloth and undiluted washing up liquid.
  • The magnet-friendly wallpaper is pretty heavy: ask someone's help to apply the wallpaper to the wall.
  • Use ready mixed vinyl wallpaper glue.
  • Take a special look at the manuel.

free 10x21cm
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