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writable magnetic wallpaper - outlet

These copies of our Magnetic Wallpaper are offered to outlet price because there are little imperfections in the wallpaper. So they are not perfect, but certainly value for money.

This magnetic wallpaper stands out for its natural, industrial and timeless look & feel.
In addition, this steel grey colored wallpaper is a solid base to write on with chalk markers, easily erasable with the included magic eraser. .
The adhesive strength to magnets is very high: in no time, you can put up all those papers, notes and bills lying around!

Do you prefer writing or drawing with chalk? Have a look also at our chalkboard magnetic wallpaper.

  • Writable with chalk markers (not with regular chalk)
  • Including 4 powerful disk magnets + magic eraser
  • Magnet receptive
  • Easy to cut
  • Premium:
Product information

  • Writable with white chalk markers from Legamaster (not writable with regular chalk which can leave scratches).
  • Finish: steel grey satin with light iron sparkles
  • One of the included disc magnets can hold up to 6x an A4 sheet (80gr).
  • This wallpaper is also paintable with any wall paint (Note: after painting the magnetic effect will stay but you can't write on it anymore).
  • We can produce other lengths: €50/m. E-mail us
  • We recommend the white chalk marker from Legamaster.
    If you want to use a marker from another brand, we recommend to make a small test in a corner the wallpaper before using it.
  • The chalk marker can be washed off with the included magic eraser (melamine sponge), white vinegar and a drip of undiluted washing up liquid.
  • Apply to all even and smooth surfaces.
  • Use ready mixed vinyl wallpaper glue.
  • Take a good look at the manual.

Sold out € 22,50 € 45,50 98x100cm
Sold out € 54,50 € 109,00 98x265cm
Not sure what to expect? We suggest to order a free sample!

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