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White magnetic wallpaper outlet / premium

These copies are offered at outlet price because they have little aesthetic imperfections: they are not perfect, but certainly still value for money. It is not possible to return outlet purchases.

Have you ever thought of magnetic wallpaper instead of a pin board?
No more pins or tape needed. Paint the magnetic wallpaper into your favorite color and let it merge into your interior. Or leave it naturel.

Not sure what to expect? You can order a free sample kit.

  • Paintable with any wallpaint or leave it unpainted
  • Included 4 powerful disk magnets + star magnet
  • Silk white
  • Magnet receptive
  • Easy to cut
  • Premium:
Product information
  • This paintable magnetic wallpaper is comprised of iron particles on a vinyl basis which makes it receptive to magnets
  • Thickness: 0,5mm
  • Finish: silk white
  • Inclusive: 4 disk magnets + star magnet.  One disk magnet can hold up to 5x an A4 sheet.
  • You can overpaint the wallpaper with any wall- or blackboard paint.
  • Washable using a damp cloth.
  • Use ready mixed vinyl wallpaper glue.
  • Take a good look at the manuel.

Sold out € 39,50 € 79,50 62x265cm
Sold out € 30,00 € 59,95 102x100cm
Sold out € 69,50 € 139,00 102x265cm
Not sure what to expect? We suggest to order a free sample!

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