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Steel grey magnetic wallpaper / premium
for chalk markers (incl. magic eraser)

This magnetic wallpaper stands out for its natural, industrial and timeless look & feel. In addition, this steel grey colored wallpaper is a solid base to write on with chalk markers, easily erasable with the included magic eraser. The adhesive strength to magnets is very high: in no time, you can put up all those fun pictures, papers and notes lying around!

  • Writable with chalk markers* (not with regular chalk)
  • Including 4 powerful disk magnets + magic eraser
  • Suitable for powerful magnets
  • Only use the suitable glue
  • Easy to cut
  • Premium:
Product information
  • *Writable with white chalk markers from Securit (not writable with regular chalk which can leave scratches).
  • Finish: steel grey satin with light iron sparkles
  • One of the included disc magnets can hold up to 6x an A4 sheet (80gr).
  • This wallpaper is also paintable with any wall paint (Note: after painting the magnetic effect will stay but you can't write on it anymore).
  • We can produce other lengths (Email us):
    Width 98cm = € 42/m2
    Fixed cutting costs = €25
  • We recommend the white chalk marker from Securit.
    If you want to use a marker from another brand, we recommend to make a small test in a corner the wallpaper before using it.
  • The chalk marker can be washed off with the included magic eraser (melamine sponge), white vinegar and a drip of undiluted washing up liquid.
  • Apply to all even and smooth surfaces.
  • Only use the ready mixed vinyl wallpaper glue.
  • Take a good look at the manual.

€ 47,95 Premium 98x100cm
€ 109,95 Premium 98x265cm
Not sure what to expect? We suggest to order a free sample!

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