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Magnetic poster - with frame - chalkboard
Magnetic poster - with frame - chalkboard

incl. frame

chalkboard Magnetic poster / small
for chalk

This magnetic poster, is 'ready to roll'. Unroll the poster and find a nice spot for it. Put photos and notes to the blackboard poster using magnets. Decorate with your coolest chalk drawings!

  • To write on with regular chalk (no chalkmarkers)
  • Wooden suspension +1 star magnet and 4 disk magnets are included.
  • Magnet receptive
  • Matte black
Product information
  • A stylish and even more practical way to make your own mood board. An eye-catcher in every interior.
  • Two sizes: 51x102cm & 102x90cm 
  • Finish: blackboard layer with matte look
  • One of the included disk magnets can hold up to 5 A-4 sheets of 80g.
  • Washable using a damp cloth and adding a drop of washing up liquid.
  • We recommend to use plain, soft chalks instead of chalk markers (they can leave traces).

€ 69,95 51x102cm

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