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Glue for magnetic wallpaper / Groovy Magnets
Glue for magnetic wallpaper / Groovy Magnets

Wallpaper paste
for magnetic wallpaper

Because magnetic wallpaper is heavier than regular wallpaper, we strongly advise to use ready mixed wallpaper paste for vinyl wallpaper*. Avoid self mix wallpaper adhesive powder because bubbles can occur. This ready mixed Perfax vinyl wallpaper glue is perfect for our magnetic wallpaper..

*Below recommended pastes are available at aprofessional paint and wallpaper stores and on our website.

  • BE & NL: Bison of Perfax; wand&klaar behanglijm voor textiel & vinyl
  • FR: Metylan Ovalit TM; colle prête à l’emploi pour textile et vinyl
  • DE: Metylan Ovalit TM; Kleber für Textil- und Vinyltapeten
  • UK: Bartoline; ready mixed wallcovering paste
  • USA: Roman’s Golden Harvest; GH-34 ready-to-use paste for unpasted wallpaper
  • for our magnetic wallpaper
  • 750 gram
Product information

One jar of 750 gram will be enough for 1 large wallpaper (including any necessary preparation of the wall).

  • The glue can be used on any smooth surface.
  • Apply a layer of wallpaper glue evenly with a roller.

Before getting started, please take a look at the manual.

€ 7,45
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