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colour wax

Dustless, coloured wax to write especially on plain white magnetic wallpaper & whiteboard magnetic wallpaper. Easy to wipe off with a damp cloth!
Not suitable to write on dark magnetic wallpaper (i.e.: chalkboard magnetic wallpaper & steelgrey magnetic wallpaper)

  • Only suitable to write on white + whiteboard magnetic wallpaper
  • (Not! suitable to write on dark magnetic wallpaper)
  • Feels like a waxy crayon
  • High quality wax for smooth and vibrant drawing
  • Dust free
Product information
  • Set of 12 dust free colored wax for writing on plain white magnetic wallpaperwhiteboard magnetic wallpaper
  • Do not use on porrous surfaces (i.e. our dark-coloured wallpapers!).
  • Also suitable to write on non-porrous surfaces such as glass, windows, mirrors, white & black paper, cardboard.
  •       Wipes off easily with a damp cloth on non-porous surfaces .
  •       Encased in plastic barrels with twist up action.

€ 9,95 12 pieces

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