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Magnetic lamp holder/ white
incl. light bulb

Use this magnetic lamp holder according to taste and necessity. By means of the strong magnet at the bottom you can easily place and move the lamp on each ferrous surface. Drilling holes in the wall will be no longer necessary. Turn a cozy hanging wall lamp into a sleek standing table lamp in no time. Determine atmosphere and position and use your lamp for different applications. 

Ideal to combine on our magnetic wallpaper or magnetic stickers. The magnetic lamp can also be used on our metal floating shelves simply by placing it above or below it. 

A cooperation with Creative Cables (Italy)

  • Multi-purpose wall / table lamp
  • Magnetic, no drill holes
  • Horizontal / vertical use on a ferrous surface
  • Combinable with magnetic wallpaper / stickersfloating shelf
  • 3 meter white textile cable with switch
  • Incl. lightbulb (Retro LED G25 4W ~ 40W E27 Gold)
Product information
  • White fitting holder
  • Material: metal
  • Incl. lightbulb (Retro LED G25 4W ~ 40W E27 Gold)
  • Length fitting: 7.5 cm, Ø 4 cm 
  • Fitting type: E27
  • White plug (2-pin 2.5 A)
  • Incl. 3 meter white cable with black switch (2-pole in line)
  • Incl. metal plate (Ø 12cm) for extra grip on magnetic wallppaer / magnetic stickers
  • Produced in Europe
  • The magnetic lamp attaches itself to any ferrous surface.
  • Possibility to place the lamp (upright) on a non-magnetic surface by means of the supplied metal base.

€ 69,95

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