What is magnetic wallpaper?

Groovy Magnets wallpaper is made out of ferrous powdered vinyl which makes it both flexible and magnet receptive.
In order to know the difference between our Classic and Premium Pro series, the below scale shows you the tensile force between the magnetic wallpaper (containing iron particles) and the magnets used.
Here is a quick overview of our different kinds of wallpaper (to be installed using adhesive paste), stickers and their materials.

Magnetic wallpaper and magnetic stickers

Black chalkboard magnetic wallpaper and chalkboard magnetic stickers

  • Chalkboard Magnetic wallpaper Classic: thickness is 0,196 mm
    Chalkboard magnetic wallpaper Classic, chalkboard magnetic stickers (animals or rectangular) are made out of this material.
  • Chalkboard Magnetic wallpaper Premium Pro: thickness is 0,57 mm
    The Premium Pro magnetic wallpaper is available in rolls of 51x265cm, 102x265cm or in a custom made version (available 2017). The custom made versions have a fixed width of 51cm or 102cm but can produce various lenghts, starting at 300cm with possible lengthening of strips of 25cm. Please send us an email for custom made wallpaper.

Not sure what to expect? We suggest you to order one of our sample kits. The kits contain a mix of different kinds of magnetic wallpaper and stickers which allows you to touch and feel our ferrous vinyl.